Now is not the time to be COVID-19 complacent | COMMENTARY

But that is what it is going to take until enough shots are in people’s arms. The U.S. has surpassed 500,000 known coronavirus-related deaths, more than in any other country in the world, and that is nothing to celebrate. Social distancing. Masks. Limited indoor gatherings, outside of live-in family. That is what is needed until vaccines are readily available. Unfortunately, the process for getting one of the vaccines is far from easy in Maryland, as the state hasn’t managed the distribution well from the start. Health officials seem to be in constant catch-up mode. Like this week when Gov. Larry Hogan changed his mind to support a single, waitlist for the limited number of doses. This comes after weeks of being against the idea. Except it is not exactly the most centralized system when it only includes the state’s mass sites, like M&T Bank Stadium and Six Flags America, and excludes pharmacies, health centers, hospitals and other sites. At least it will make it a bit easier for the not so tech savvy, including the elderly, to get a shot at securing a spot. The best chance at landing a vaccine appointment, however, will still involve people scrambling, searching and monitoring many websites. So much of it is still dependent on luck, chance and timing. Seems a little too much like gambling at times. Good start, Governor, but the waiting list still doesn’t go far enough and was a little late in its execution.

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